My First Time To Guilfest

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Now I'm going to write about last Sunday, which was my first ever time that I'd been to Guilfest.

Ashley, who is Tristan's brother, offered me a saving on getting tickets to Guilfest, as he was playing there with his band Flyin Ike.

I asked various different friends to find out who wanted to go to Guilfest with me on the Sunday. Sadly, a lot of people didn't want to go, which was due to the cost of it, and the poor weather we've been having all summer.

Ian agreed to go with me, as he had never been to Guilfest before as well. So, I got him a discounted ticket from Ashley.

Me and Ian met outside the Stoke pub at around 11.30am on the Sunday morning. Ian had to return back to his house, as he forgot his ticket!

We went into the garden part of Stoke Park first, and I bought an ice cream at the café hut there. I tried calling and texting loads of people to find out which of my friends would be at Guilfest that day. I heard back from my friend Tom, who I used to work with. Tom said that he'd be there after lunch with his fiancé, so I said I'd meet up with them later on.

Me and Ian entered Stoke Park, I looked out for any ticket touts selling cheaper tickets, as my friend Tristan said he'd go, if he could get a cheaper ticket, as he would not go there until after 5pm to see his brother play with his band. We didn't sadly spot any ticket touts, so Tristan didn't come to Guilfest in the end.

We walked round the Guilfest site, looking at the different stages and tents to get our bearings, and we worked out which bands we wanted to see that day. We saw some good sights, like lots of stalls selling interesting food and herbal highs, some cigarette booths with some hot looking girls working in them (that was the only time in my life I wished I smoked!), people in costume, a parade, which included an alien, a robot and fairies, and a few casualties of Guilfest, like people lying on the ground stoned, or drunk, and out cold.

Guilfest in Stoke Park Guildford July 2007

A very pretty blonde girl selling cigarettes. I wish I smoked now!

A dragon at the parade through Guilfest

A robot at the parade

A big green alien at Guilfest

A nice fairy lady in the parade

A guy out cold at Guilfest

Ian then met up with some of his friends from some of his martial art schools that he runs. We hanged out with them for a while.

The rain then came down with a very heavy downpour. We all dashed to the safety and dry of the beer tent, and hanged out there until it died down again. Luckily, it did not rain for long, otherwise Stoke Park would have turned into swamp, like those pictures you see of people covered in mud at Glastonbury!

We checked out some of the local bands in the different tents and stages. Sadly they were not that great, as we couldn't make out what they were singing. We think it was the poor sound systems to blame, as the sound coming out of the main stage was perfect, but others were just plain crap. I got to watch Flyin Ike and see Ashley (Tristan's brother) sing. Ian missed some of Flyin Ike's songs and their big finish, with the party poppers and streamers, as Ian went off to see another band in a different tent. I was going to meet up with Ashley for a drink at Guilfest after his set, but we didn't get round to it in the end, although I did phone him to say hello.

A band playing at the stage

Inside one of the tents. Some of the guys in this band were wearing dresses!

Inside the rock tent with another local band

This is Ashley the lead singer in Flyin Ike singing in the Surrey Advertiser tent. Ashley is the brother of my friend Tristan

This is the female singer from Flyin Ike

Flyin Ike

Later on I got a call from Tom to say that he had arrived at Guilfest with Bethan and his friends. It was a bit of a nightmare finding each other, as they were sat on the grass at the main stage, watching the famous bands play. There were thousands of people sitting there, so I could not find them. I ended up tramping all over everybody, as they were just sat there with their blankets, chairs and their crap, and in my way. Luckily I spotted Tom walking past an ice cream van, and we both saw each other. Tom walked me over to their saved spot in the crowd, and I said hello to Bethan who had brought her own chair, food and drinks. The other Ian I know, was with them too, as I used to work with him, and some of Tom and Bethan's friends were sitting there too. Tom gave me a cold can of beer, which was nice and well needed by that stage. I then introduced my friend Ian to Bethan, and to Tom's friends. Ian had met Tom before, which was when I introduced them both to each other in the Star pub in Guildford, the other month.

After that we met up with Ian's martial arts friends again. We returned to the main stage and saw the Magic Numbers band play, we both didn't like their music too much. Myself and Ian were near the front, but at the side of the stage, so we thought to move into the crowd, to get a better position in the middle, near the front, as we wanted a good view of the next act, which was to see Madness, as we both liked their music.

The famous Magic Numbers band, although I did not like their music much

When Madness came on, the crowd went wild. A few people started trying to push their way to the front, and a fight broke out, but luckily everyone was looking out for each other. I could not move, so it was a good job I didn't need to go to the toilet when Madness was playing!

There were lots of the original Madness fans there, dressed in the Ska outfits from the '80's, with the pork pie hats, shaven skins heads with DM boots and braces on. I even saw a punk lady, who must have been in her late forties! It was like going back in time and interesting to see all these people, especially when they started doing their Madness Ska type style dancing.

Some of them were off their heads on weed and drink, and kept pushing and shoving each other, in a light hearted way, not really being aggressive. A few people got knocked over. Ian went to join in with the fun with the skin heads and Madness fans at the front, and he got pushed over a few times too. I didn't fancy getting that close to them, but my friend Ian is a big guy who is a martial arts expert, so he can handle a rough and tumble with them. We lost sight of each other until the concert ended after that. But it was a great performance by Madness, I really enjoyed seeing them, and I liked their music, seeing them were the highlight of my day at Guilfest.

Me and Ian waiting for Madness to come on stage

Ian watching Madness come on stage

Madness get going. See the fan with the pork pie hat. Madness were great!

Punks and skin heads enjoying Madness

I gave Ian a call after the Madness crowd left, and when I was able to move.

We met up and got some food and drink, and then we left Stoke Park.

When me and Ian were walking through Guildford we saw lots of drunk and lost people trying to find their way back to their hotels, or back to the Guildford train station. We gave directions to a few, but some of them were so drunk, they probably didn't even know which planet they were on!

I left Ian, as he had arrived to where he lived in the town, and I carried on towards the bus station.

I had missed my last bus home, so I phoned Dad up for a lift back home, as I didn't want to pay for a taxi.

I really enjoyed my first ever Guilfest, I hope to see it again another year.

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