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I met a very nice lady called Mandy for lunch in Guildford on Saturday last week.

Mandy is a professional model, who lives locally to me.

She does a wide range of modelling such as fashion, hair/make up, artist’s modelling, lingerie, glamour and nude.

Mandy looks stunning and very beautiful in all of her pictures. I have included some of her work below.

Beautiful Mandy

We met outside the Odeon in Guildford.

As I saw her walk towards me, she instantly stood out and looked really amazing, just like her pictures.

I offered Mandy a chocolate sweet, but she declined, as lives on a dairy free diet. She later told me why she did not have any dairy products in her diet, which I mention later on in this post.

It was a bright sunny day.

We walked together to a little café I knew called the Gallery Café, which is behind the Guildford House Gallery, within a courtyard.

I ordered a toasted cheese and pickle ciabatta, with a side salad, and a hot chocolate drink for myself, as well as a bowl of tomato soup for Mandy.

When our food arrived, Mandy carefully spooned her drop of milk cream out of her soup.

We both really enjoyed our food.

Mandy then told me why she did not have any dairy products, due to getting a migraine reaction. She told me that cow’s milk can create allergies, which could be the cause of my regular cold like symptoms. I never gave cows milk much thought before, but the truth is that we are not calves, so there is no need for it to be in our diet. A mother produces milk naturally just for her baby to have, which is to help it grow and gain the various vitamins and minerals the baby needs during the early stages of its life. I cannot think of a logical reason why we should drink another mammal’s milk. Cow’s milk also has many bad things contained within it, such as the various drugs pumped into the cow, bacteria, pus from infected udder teats, and disease. Calcium can instead come from alternative better sources, such as eating your greens. I wish I could stick to a dairy free diet, but I love chocolate, cheese and many other foods, which all contain cow’s milk. I guess I could look out for food, which contain soya, or coconut milk instead.

A video questioning why we need to have cows milk in our diet

The dangers of cows milk

We then talked about art, as we were sat outside the gallery. Mandy described her modelling work as being an art form. I never thought of modelling as art before, but it is in a way, as the model becomes a piece of art. Mandy has had many nice paintings painted of her too. She featured on a programme on TV about painting last October, in which famous artist John Myatt showed students how to reproduce the style of Amadeo Modigliani, as shown below.

Mandy being painted on TV

Mandy also told me about some of her parts on television and film. One story she told me I found quite amusing, as she recently played a lap dancer in a scene in a new film about mobsters. She lap danced for an actor wearing a paper bag over her head.

I found Mandy very caring and kind, she used to work as a psychiatric nurse. She wishes to start her own charity in the future, to help those with depression.

After we finished having our lunch, we left the café to look round the gallery.

As we left the café, Mandy took a menu with her as a souvenir, as she liked it there.

The exhibition in the gallery was of recycled rubbish turned into art. I liked the pictures made out of compressed mobile phones, and the furniture made out of various recycled plastic bits and bobs.

Once we had finished looking around the gallery we left there, and I walked her back to the car park for her to drive back home.

We both really enjoyed each other’s company, chatting to each other about various things, and we both got on very well.

I am really pleased to have gained such an interesting, beautiful and charming new lady friend to go out with, I look forward to going out with her again soon.

A very lovely lady indeed.

Comments on Meeting Model Mandy

Posted by Ben | 10 October, 2008 8:45 PM | Ben's profile | | Permalink

Wow! I certainlybet you would like to go "out with her again soon". She looks and sounds very nice.
Has she got a website? I wouldn't mind checking it out, purely for *cough* professional reasons.

Good times!!

p.s. did you go along to the SLH Reunion?

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 12 October, 2008 8:35 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I would love to see her again soon, she is a very lovely lady.

Her website is She is in fact looking for a new webmaster for her website. I can give you her contact details if you wish to tell her about your Injader software?

Yes, I went to the SLH re-union, it was not that great though, but I have done a blog about it today.

See you when you return back to the UK later this year!


P.S Many thanks for uploading your Injader software on here and hepling me out with it!

Edited: 12 October, 2008 8:36 PM

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