Guy Fawkes Night In Stoke Park

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Last Wednesday was the 5th of November, which of course was Guy Fawkes Night.

I met my friend Tristan for lunch that afternoon, and he reminded me that there was a fireworks event located inside Stoke Park in Guildford that evening.

The Saturday before was fireworks night in my home village, but the rain was so bad that day, I had to cancel going to it with some other friends.

Therefore, I decided to go to the firework show in Guildford instead, and meet Tristan there.

I also wanted to get some night time and fireworks shots inside Stoke Park with my digital camera.

I called and texted a few of my other friends to see who was free.

Frog was busy painting a nude picture of his girlfriend, so he couldn't sadly come out.

Frog busy painting a nude picture of his girlfriend

But my friend Jude was free, and said that she’d come along and join us at the fireworks that night.

That evening I drove into Guildford, parked in the town and walked towards Stoke Park.

I was going to meet Jude outside of The Stoke pub, but she was running late, so I walked on further into Stoke Park to meet Tristan there.

Tristan called me to say he was going on the fairground rides, and I was to meet him there.

As I was walking towards Stoke Park, I was stuck behind crowds of people, who were also making their way there.

By the park, I could hear the noise of the music and people coming from the fairground.

I put some loose change in a bucket, which was held by someone from the charity, who were hosting the fireworks event.

Tristan called me, and I told him where I was standing just outside of the fairground behind a food van, as I didn’t want to go on the rides.

We eventually found each other. Tristan was with his girlfriend Kate, and his brother Ashley.

As we walked to where the fireworks were going to be, we saw a crowd of people doing a torchlight procession, I took a few photos.

Some people doing the torchlight procession

A arty shot I took of the lit torches

Then we stood near the VIP tent to await the start of the fireworks.

The VIP tent had tables, chairs and a waiter serving food and drinks, but there were not that many people sat inside. We didn’t go inside the tent ourselves.

I took a photo of the outside of the tent, and then of the fairground behind us.

The VIPs tent

The glowing electric lights of the fairground rides in the distance

Tristan then took a photo of me standing alongside his brother Ashley.

Me and Tristan's brother Ashley

There was not a huge burning fire, like the one they have in my village. They instead lit a tiny beacon, pictured below.

The beacon being lit

A mans voice came on the show-ground speakers. He babbled on for ages, and then he did a very slow count down, making me feel impatient for the start of the fireworks.

Once the countdown had finished, there was silence for a moment, then music started playing, and then after a while the first of the fireworks were released into the night’s sky.

The first of the fireworks

Just after the fireworks had started, Jude called me to say that she had arrived. She was a long way away standing by the Guildford Lido.

I explained to my friend Jude that I was standing by the white VIP tent the other side of the park, but she couldn’t get to us, due to the crowds of people, so we sadly missed seeing each other that evening.

The fireworks were quite good, although not as good as my village display.

I liked the sparkley ones that shot off in all directions, much like disturbed fish in a pond.

Fireworks shooting off in all different directions like disturbed fish in a pond

I tried to get a picture of Tristan, and then of both him and Kate standing together with the fireworks behind them, but my flash went off, which sadly didn’t show the fireworks in the photos below.

Tristan minus the fireworks

Kate and Tristan but with sadly no fireworks

There were many types of different colours of fireworks going off, whites, greens, blues, purples, and reds. It was all quite pretty to look at.

They look like a mass of electric spiders on the run!


Electric birds

Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!





Unfortunately from about half way through on-wards, there was so much smoke in the sky, we couldn’t see the fireworks at all after that.

When the fireworks were going off amongst the smoke, it was like a cross of being in a nightclub with the dry ice, laser, and stroboscope light effects (like my recent visit to the Ministry of Sound), and being in the middle of the Iraq war.

"No more bombing, I surrender!"

Just after the fireworks had ended, I called Jude to see if she wanted a drink in the nearest pub, but she was on her way home by then.

We then left Stoke Park across the sea of mud.

Tristan, Kate, and Ashley then headed off to his car in the sports centre car park.

The bottom of my trousers and my shoes were covered in brown mud due to the constant wet weather.

I walked back into the town, and then I drove back home.

I enjoyed seeing the fireworks, it was a nice evening.

My photos came out OK, but my digital camera does not produce pictures as good as my old film SLR, which I sold ages ago. I will get round to buying a new digital SLR sometime, to improve my photography results.

Check out the video below of the Stoke Park fireworks I saw last week, which I found on YouTube 

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