Autumn Photography With Mandy

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A few weeks ago on a Sunday, I wanted to take some autumn photography with my camera, and go for a walk round Winkworth Arboretum for something nice and relaxing to do.

I have been to Winkworth Arboretum many times before with my parents, Frog (see pictures in this blog) and with my friend Anya (see photo below) during past springtime’s, but never during the autumn.

Me and my friend Anya in Winkworth last Spring

I have heard that it looks very nice there during this time of year, with the many different colours of the leaves in browns, orange, yellows, and reds.

The weather for a number of weeks prior to that had unfortunately been very wet and windy.

As the sun was coming out that Sunday, it was my last chance for me to get some autumn pictures, before all the trees lost their leaves for the oncoming winter.

Mandy an attractive model I know was also free that Sunday, and was happy to come with me for a day out together. This was great for me, as I had never taken pictures of a model before.

The very lovely Mandy

Sunday morning arrived, and I met Mandy in Guildford to take us both to Winkworth Arboretum.

We went for a country drive in my car through Cranleigh and Hascombe towards Winkworth Arboretum. I pointed out nice places to her on the way like the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr’s mansion, a park full of white deer, and also where radio DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans used to live.

The car park in Winkworth Arboretum was quite full, but I managed to find a space.

We had something to eat and drink in the café, and then we went inside the arboretum.

There were some good sculptures and artwork scattered around. I liked the orange coloured tree, and the wicker man coming out of the ground. I took some photos of Mandy standing by them, and I also asked a passer by to take our picture together, which he kindly did.

A tree painted orange, its art

Mandy by the orange tree

A wicker man creeping up behind Mandy

Mandy and I

It was very nice to walk together taking pictures and admiring the autumn scenery.

We arrived at the lake and stood together looking across it. There were some ducks and geese swimming across the waters surface, but no swans.

The lake at Winkworth

Then we went inside the boathouse together.

Mandy stood on the balcony of the boathouse.

I admired Mandy's amazing figure as she took off her coat, whilst I took further photographs of her with the lake behind.

Mandy by the lake

Beautiful Mandy

Mandy also took a photo of me standing by the lake.

Myself with the lake behind me

We then left the boathouse and walked together across a bridge. I took a few pictures of Mandy walking across it.

Mandy on the bridge

Mandy walking towards me on the bridge

There were some swamp plants below and to the side of the bridge, which looked like Triffids. Mandy wanted to walk down to look at them more closely, but I said it was not a good idea, as the swamp could be quite muddy and we might have trouble getting back up the slope. Besides, Triffids can blind people.

Triffids waiting for us down in the swamp

Triffids on the move...

Further along the path we came to a waterfall. I took Mandy's picture standing near it.

Mandy by the waterfall

We walked on further and came to an open field of grass and good views across the other side of the lake. There were some geese we found too.

Two geese and a beautiful swan

We walked back round, and I showed Mandy some interesting things about nature. I showed her a tree which only had moss on one side, and I explained to her that on the other side of the tree there will be no moss, she looked, and I was right. I said to her that you can use trees like that to tell which way is north and south. The north side of the tree has moss, as there is less sun that side during the day, making it darker, colder and damp for the moss to grow. Whilst the south side has no moss at all, as the sun is facing that side most of the day, making it too warm, dry and bright for the moss to like it there. Mandy was really pleased to learn that bit about nature from me.

I took two pictures of the mossy tree, one from a distance, and the other up close. Mandy asked what I was doing with the camera up so close to the tree like that, and I explained to her that I was taking a macro shot of the moss, to get a close up of it on my camera.

The mossy tree

The mossy tree up close

We walked on further and I spotted a Monkey-puzzle tree. Mandy had never seen a tree like it before and was excited and fascinated by it. She touched the spiny tree. Its branches looked like a collection of spiny monkey tails. Mandy took a few pictures of me standing beside it.

Monkey-puzzle tree

Oh spiny spiny Monkey-tree

There was a woodland area which had lots of leaves on the ground and holly tree bushes. I took some more pictures of Mandy there.

Mandy by the holly bush

Mandy standing on the fallen autumn leaves

We then made our way up the hill back the way we had arrived.

It was quite hard work walking back up the steep hill, and we both got a little out of breath, so we sat together on a bench.

I took a few pictures of Mandy whilst she was sat next to me on the bench.

Mandy sitting next to me on a bench

Mandy enjoying a rest on the bench

After we finished walking round Winkworth Arboretum, we went back to my car just in time, as the rain had returned.

On the way back to Guildford, I stopped off at Tesco’s supermarket, as Mandy needed to do a bit of shopping. I helped her by carrying the shopping basket for her, and she picked up some newspapers, food, and a bottle of shampoo. She bought me some green papaya fruit too, which was very sweet of her.

I took her to a supermarket...

Once we had finished shopping, I dropped Mandy off in Guildford inside a car park. We hugged and said goodbye until next time, and she then returned back to her home in her car.

It was very nice day out together with Mandy.

I like Mandy. She is such a beautiful, kind and caring woman, as well as being great company.

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