Visit To The Percy Arms In Chilworth

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The week after meeting Ian's girlfriend round Frog's cottage, I got chatting to a Canadian girl on the internet called Shannon. We arranged to meet up for Saturday evening, which I'll get to a bit later on.

That weekend was one of the busy I had in a long time!

On the Saturday afternoon I had arranged to take along some friends to a South African BBQ in a pub called The Percy Arms in Chilworth.

The BBQ was originally arranged by a woman at my firm called Lisa, as a team meal, so I was hoping to see some of my office people there.

I met Frog, Ian and Suhalia at the Guildford train station, but we found out the next train would be ages to arrive. We were thinking of getting a taxi, but then my French friend Anne came to the station to meet us.

Anne had parked her car in Guildford, so we all squeezed into her car, and I gave Anne the directions to Chilworth, and she got some petrol on the way. Anne's car was making a funny noise, which was a bit worrying, but we got there ok in the end.

We parked in the car park of The Percy Arms, and we made our way into the pub. 

Suhaila, Frog, Anne and me in the car park walking towards The Percy Arms

Me and Frog saw a couple of our firm people in there, but they were not part of the firm's team meal out. It turned out just me and Frog went to the meal, and no one else from my firm was there! But, it didn't matter, as me and Frog are some of the best people from our firm anyway, plus we had better company by having some friends come along instead!

We sat out in the pub garden, and it was very pleasant. The place was surrounded by green countryside.

The food we ordered there was very good, with large portions. Ian ordered some ribs; it looked like they brought out a whole rib cage for him to eat! Suhalia had a whole chicken. I can't eat stuff like that, as I mostly stick to a vegetarian diet, so I had a mushroom burger, with chips and salad, which was very nice.

After we ate our meal we were invaded by wasps, or 'Yellow Jackets' as our American friends called them. Suhalia and Anne hated the wasps.

Suhalia took some photos of us in the pub garden, and I took some too.



Anne again


Ian and Frog

We asked someone on another table to take a group photo of us all together.

All of us are pictured in this photo - Me, Anne, Ian, Suhaila and Frog

I looked up Chilworth on the internet before I went there, to see if there was anywhere to walk round. I found a place called the Chilworth Gunpowder factory, so I thought to check it out that day.

We asked a waitress were the Gunpowder factory was, and she told us a path we could follow, which was close to the pub, so we all set off for our walk.

Anne was going a bit red in the sun, but we were alright when we started walking under the trees.



Anne and Frog walking under the shelter of the trees

It was a nice walk, with a few streams, lots of trees, and a some fields with horses in them.



We found the ruined Gunpowder factory. Apparently it blew up many years ago. The explosion was so big it damaged the roof of St Marthas, which is a Church on top of a hill quite a distance away. We were able to get inside it, and we took some photos of us there. It was a bit muddy, slippery and slimy, but it was quite fun being inside it.

Ian and Suhaila at the enterance of the Gunpowder factory ruin

Me helping Anne down to steps to the Gunpowder factory

Me, Frog, Anne and Ian

Me taking photos of Frog inside the Gunpowder factory

A photo I took of Frog inside the Gunpowder factory

Another photo I took of Frog inside the Gunpowder factory

We then headed back down the path towards Anne's car.

Suhalia got stung by some Stinging Nettles on the way back to the car park, but Ian found some Dock leaves to rub on her stings, so she was alright.

Amongst the stinging nettles and bushes

Me and Anne walking back

Anne drove us back to Guildford. Me and Frog got out at Guildford train station, and Anne gave a lift for Ian and Suhalia to the Spectrum sports centre, to play ten pin bowling there.

Me and Frog then did a bit of shopping around Guildford. Frog bought some sun glasses.

Then we bumped into one of Frog's friends called Susie Clarke. Susie does some singing in a local band. Susie is also currently dating Newton Faulkner, who was in the charts recently. He may still be, I've never heard of him, as I have not followed the charts for a very long time.

Frog told me that he was meeting his friend Mark in Guildford, and he invited me along to meet him too. I've met Mark before; he is a nice guy and has been studying to be a graphic designer.

We went round to Mark's flat and I saw his girlfriend there too. We drank some gin and tonic which Mark made for us. His girlfriend then left, to meet her friends.

Frog then showed Mark a really bad photo on the internet. The photo was of a 'Goatsie' Neither Mark or myself had ever heard of the term. Frog asked me to take a photo of Mark's expression, as soon as the pictures appeared on Mark's PC. The photo of Mark's reaction is below.

Mark's shocked expression by seeing what a 'Goatsie' is on the internet!

It's a funny prank to play on someone. Do an image search for "Goatsie" on Google to see for yourself, it is very gross though, so you have been warned!

After that I left Mark's house with Frog.

I phoned my Dad for a lift back home, as I needed to quickly get changed for my date with the Canadian girl Shannon.

I got home, got changed, then I drove back to Guildford to meet her. I was a bit late, but I texted her to say I'd be late, so it was ok.

I met up with Shannon in Guildford in the evening, and I took her to the Britannica pub. We sat outside the pub. We were invaded by mosquitos, so it was not a good setting to take a girl out.

Shannon was very attractive as you can see from the photos I have attached of her. She works as a nanny.

I thought we would get on well, as she had been to art school, is intelligent and nice looking, but we didn't sadly click, so we didn't meet up again. She was quite hot too, but never mind, there's plenty more fish in the sea, and I sometimes use a cool free dating website with a similar name to that too!

Shannon, the pretty Canadian girl I met up with

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