The Ultimate Characters Launch Party At HeyJo

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I went to a party last night, which was for the launch of a new modelling and talent agency called Ultimate Characters. 

The event was held at a club called HeyJo in the Mayfair area of London, which is a club I had never been to before. 

The party was hosted by somebody I had not heard of at the time called Dave West, who is a multimillionaire and the club owner. I was invited to the event by someone on the Facebook website. 

The party flyer

I headed to London straight after work. I needed to have some fun that night, as I had a fairly bad day there!

I decided to take along my friend Jude, she works as an English school teacher, and is a writer.

Jude met in London at Waterloo train station, just after 6pm. We then caught a tube to the HeyJo club.

It was a very posh part of London that we went to.

Jude found an Arab restaurant for us to eat in, before we went to the party. The food was very expensive, so we just ate starters and had some wine, but we went half each, so it was not too bad. I found Arab food very different, but interesting. Jude is used to that type of food, as she comes from an Arab family.

We then went to the HeyJo club after our meal, and we met the host David West at the enterance. I paid him £20 to get in, Jude paid nothing, as it was free for girls to enter the club. Dave was wearing a pink suit. He was very friendly, and an interesting character.

Dave West at the door of the club on the left, with another guy who was also there

I recently looked up Dave West on the internet and I found that there was a BBC documentary made about him a few years ago called 'Trouble at the Top - Hey Jo', details of which can be read by clicking here. There are also a few clips of him on YouTube, which is to do with his campaign against the ban of smoking in clubs and pubs.

Dave West on GMTV

It was an amazingly colourful club inside, with a multicoloured mosaic floor, lots of pink, and lots of interesting decorations.

We went down some steps to the reception area, and were greeted by some very attractive Russian and Eastern European women who gave us a glass Bucks Fizz champagne cocktail each, and we helped ourselves to some very nice buffet food.

There were also some waiters dressed in smart red shirts and black trousers.

Some of the very pretty girls there 

Some of the people working for the club. Alina is on the left, the blonde girl is Egita with her boyfriend, and the girl in red is Angela




A guy started chatting me up near where the free drinks were, which was a bit embarrassing, as I'm not gay, but I'm sure he meant well.

Me and Jude then walked around the club. The place is decorated in bright colourful colours, with lots of interesting things on the walls, and decorations, it had a magical theme.

We found the toilets especially amusing. The gents had urinals in the shape of big open mouths, with red lipstick and white teeth. Jude told me that the ladies were colourful and funny too, with the toilets in the shape of toad stools.

After we had a walk round the club, we had a sit down. The pretty women there kept coming round with food, which was great. We made friends with two other guests there called Kelly and Nadine. A photographer at the club took pictures of us together there. We hanged out with Kelly and Nadine until we left the party.

Kelly, Nadine, Jude, and me



Whilst we were sat down at a table, we saw a framed picture on the wall of Cherie Blair photographed standing next to David West.

There were also sectioned off tables inside alcoves along the walls, which had pink curtains. We sat in one together for a while, which was until we were told they cost a lot of money to sit in, so we got up and sat elsewhere!

We met one of David's friends called Mark. He was Palestinian. Jude and Mark had a bit of a heated debate, as she is half Arab. It turned out Mark had been in the Palestinian army, and he told us stories of what he did whilst in the army, which sounded a bit worrying. But, Mark turned out to be a really nice guy. He bought us all a few round of drinks, and I bought him a drink as well. He also kindly offered to put us all up in a hotel room when the party ended due to the gap in train times, but we declined his offer.

One of the girls, Nadine, Mark, me, and Jude

Mark and two of the waiters then led me, and my three female friends to a room which had a table with restraints on it. Kelly and Nadine agreed to be tied to the table, just joking around. It was quite funny to watch.

Mark and two of the waiters straping Nadine to the table 

Nadine tied to the table

We then had a dance on the dance floor. It was great, as I was one of the only guy's on the dance floor surrounded by attractive models from the new agency, and all sorts of interesting and glamorous women. There was also a belly dancer lady that came on the dance floor, and they played Arab type music for her to dance to, which was fun to watch.

The dance floor. Notice there is more girls than guys! How cool is that? 

The belly dancer is in the red dress

I had a few photo's taken of me on my mobile with a glamour model called Nancy Fleur. I looked her up on the internet, and she has been in Nuts magazine and a few others like that.

Me and the attractive glamour model Nancy Fleur 

Nancy Fleur playing with my tie! 

Nancy Fleur again on the right 

Nancy Fleur with guests

Me and Jude tried to get a few contact details from the guests, looking for possible investors, or creative people for me and Ian's future planned film company, but they did not want to reveal who they were. I tried Dave West too, but he said there are lots of people trying to get into the film industry. I also told him I hope to become self employed next year, and he jokely said 'That's a good idea, as you can only sack yourself then', which made me laugh.

The bar area of HeyJo

As my friend Jude is a writer, she thought it was a great place, and that she might use some of the things she saw there as inspiration in a future story of hers that she may write.

We left the club when it closed around 3.30am. We walked round London with Kelly and Nadine for a while. They were good company, but Kelly was very drunk. Kelly bought a hot dog, and she kept falling over on the pavement, then she lost one of her shoes!

Our new friend Kelly drunk on the pavement with a damaged hot dog and minus one shoe

Me and Jude left Kelly and Nadine at a bus stop, and we caught a taxi back to Waterloo. We bought a hot chocolate drink each, and then we caught our trains back home.

I got back home again about 7.30am this morning, so I slept until the early afternoon. I'm glad that I took Friday off work!

HeyJo is a fun club full of beautiful women and interesting people. I'm going to go there again soon with a group of friends, for a meal, and to go drinking and dancing there again.

I was glad that I was invited to the party, as it was fun and different there!

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