My 30th Birthday Party

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Jesus, I’m months behind on my blogging! I’ll try to remember anything interesting that I’ve been doing since my last entry on here. 

On Saturday 17th June I had a joint birthday party in the picnic area of Stoke Park, with a friend from work called Helen.  

We bought lots of food and drink together in Sainsburys in Burpham, and I helped with the preparing of the food for the party at her flat. 

We carried all the food, drink, BBQ's, and games from her flat across Stoke Park to the picnic area, and I nearly died! The things we carried were so heavy, and the sun was really baking hot.  

We eventually got to the picnic area amongst the trees, just opposite the Spectrum, and we got things ready for the party. 

There were a number of disposable BBQs we had on the go. I was the only one eating veggie burgers, as they were all meat eaters, so had a BBQ all to myself. 

A load of people turned up, but many of them I didn’t know, as they were Helen's relatives and friends, but a few friends of mine turned up like Tristan, his girlfriend, and Andrew too. 

I tried to have a game of Badminton with Rob in the park, but it was just too windy! The shuttlecock kept blowing off in a different direction, and we nearly ended up playing with the traffic in the road by the Spectrum, so we gave up. All of us had a game of Rounder’s instead.

The party ended about 10pm, then we headed back to Helens flat with all the food and drinks again, but we had more hands to help carry it all.

We then had the difficult task of splitting up the left over food and drink between myself and Helen, it was like going through a divorce or something!

It was a fun birthday.

I have attached the flyers I made for the party.

My 30th Birthday flyer

My map to our joint birthday party

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